Health, Safety & Environment Policy

At JRA, the protection of the environment and our human workforce is an important element of our corporate culture. No process is too important that we cannot find a safe, healthy and environmentally sound way of carrying out our projects.

We consult and work alongside local agencies like the Department of Conservation when constructing projects in environmentally sensitive areas to ensure strict enforcement of all applicable laws, ordinances and directives.

To promote a safety culture here at JRA, all our staff receive HSE trainings annually and all safety protocols are observed and implemented at projects. JRA is committed to providing a safe workplace, in a healthy and friendly environment where safe working practices are insisted upon.

Gender Equity, Inclusiveness and Child Protection Policy

In our endeavor for continuous improvement and duty of care to our staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries, JRA have developed policies that guide the way in which we operate. In a male dominated industry, JRA recognizes the need for equal participation and appreciates the value that women can bring to the industry. We also believe in inclusiveness to all either at the workplace or Project site and have a zero tolerance to any form of Child Abuse.